University of Minnesota Geological Society

The University of Minnesota Geological Society is a student-led group serving undergraduates at the University of Minnesota with degrees in Earth Sciences and Geological Engineering.

The purpose of the group is two-fold; to serve as a method of connecting undergraduate students to the greater geology community, and to help make field camps and educational trips financially feasible for undergraduates in the department.  The connections between undergrads, faculty, and members of the geologic community outside the department are established through social events, such as potlucks and outings, as well as through presentations and seminars on various topics, including graduate school and career opportunities.

  The group also raises money throughout the year to, along with help from the Department of Earth Sciences, provide assistance for field camps in the form of scholarships and increase undergraduates' hands-on field experience by organizing an annual trip to a geologically interesting area.  Trips have varied from US National Parks to farther locations such as Hawai’i, Iceland, and Scotland.