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They are the forgotten. Veiled from all who dare to notice them. Massive amounts of fabric is their daily wardrobe. Their's is a custom that goes back several hundred years. A custom many men in the United States of America are happy not to have inherited.

Imagine living your life as a man who only wears a few shades of blues, greens , purples, whites, and the occasional earth-tone. A brilliant red or festive orange may never be seen on these poor tribesmen. America is a country where men are free to pick and wear all of the colors of the rainbow.
While in the scorching heat of the desert sun, these men carry on their daily lives. They work, travel and play in massively hot garb. How can this be? Why must these men bear such a burden?
In the year 2006, men must be free. We recognize the freedom men should have. These men are no different. Why isn't anyone speaking out against their suffering?
Some weird people think that they like what they are wearing and value the tradition left to them. Others attribute their modest clothing to a more sinister plot, oppression of men.
Look to the men on the right. Their sadness is apparent. One man dares to reveal his face to the sun. Surely these men can not enjoy such a wardrobe. They need our help so that they can have wardrobe freedom. These men must know that they have choices and that we are here to make them make those choices. Before we get there, we must understand these victims and their plight.
For many years, these poor men have worn the veil, while their female counterparts are free to walk the earth without it. The women in their tribes don't even have to wear as much fabric as the men do. Is this not an unfair double standard?
How cool is it that the beauty and attractiveness of these men are kept away from most everyone? With all of those hot clothes, it is not cool at all. Will these victims ever know that they can wear red, white, & blue?
Will we ever be able to see those wonderful locks of hair on these men? When will they come out of the darkness and have their time to shine? When will they have the freedom to reveal their beauty?The world may never know.
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