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I am a compassionate Southerner who is dedicated to enriching my life by enriching the lives of others. I am a wife and mother.  I have a cool family. I was a military brat in my younger years. I love learning about history and people. If I get the opportunity, I would love to study anthropology. 

Right now I am into Linux( an operating system; ex. Windows), Python(a programming language), Django( for web admins), and graphic design. I am a Hip-Hop fan to a certain degree. I listen to almost every genre of music if the message is dope enough( even country! shhh!). 

I am a film critic in my own right, and I love independant and foreign film. Japanime is also a fav(see:Perfect Blue, Studio Gibli Flicks, Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, & Metropolis), and I am an Adult Swim-er. Documentaries and show that explain science and health topics are the best of all though. 

I am a Muslim. I converted almost a decade ago. Although I may dislike what some Muslims do, I don't think that they are any different than any other group of people. Everyone is not the same, and most people want to be good. I don't plan on being any more or less critical of Muslims than I am of others. If you are right you are right, if you are wrong you are wrong, and if I don't know, then I just don't know.

Speaking of Islam. It has changed my life. Although many look at religion as a way to finally feel better than anyone else. I have learned that worrying about how bad others are only distract you from what you are doing wrong. If you have someone constantly criticizing you, you take that criticism and do better with it. The critic will be so busy focusing on you, that he/she/they will remain stagnant. Consider it an annoying favor!



P.S. [Media] Don't pity the Muslim woman, and then turn around and try to speak on her behalf. If you really think that she is intelligent, you would pass the mic to her. If you don't pass it, 9out times of10, you are just in love with your own voice. Thank you, kindly.

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