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Lead Instructor

Korey Sewell

Assistant Instructors
Nate Derbinsky
Jeshua Bratman

Academic Facilitators
Saunders Hayes
Brianna Clark

Technical Program Components
Light Bot 1.0/2.0 Puzzle Programming
Android Phone Programming with Google App Inventor
Google Docs


Light Bots (1)
Google App Inventor (3)
Google Docs (2)

Tentative Schedule
(CS LEAD 2011.pdf)

Project Challenge:
Mobile Application Development with Google App Inventor

The need for technology to be mobile has made devices such as cell phones more capable than ever. Modern mobile phones can not only surf the web and send emails, they can also interface with various forms of media (video, mp3s, etc.) and assist in daily activities (exercise trackers, GPS navigation, etc.).


One of the unifying themes for this “mobile phone revolution” is convenience. Popular mobile phones make it easier to communicate with your friends, easier to find directions, easier to do something fun, and easier to accomplish everyday activities.


Now, it’s your turn to make a phone application that makes something “easier”! You’ll have creative license to define what “easier” is for your project: it could range from easier to access interesting information (music, directions, homework?!) to easier to play and find cool video games. In project teams, you will create an Android Phone-compatible app (or collection of apps) using the Google App Inventor software.


Go the Downloads Page to Download the Project Specifications... and Good Luck “App Inventing”!