Instructor: Kate Saenko
Office location: Olsen Hall, Room 223
Email: saenko@cs.uml.edu
Office hours: Mondays 10am-12pm; Tuesdays 10am-11am, and by appointment.

The main textbook for the course is Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications by Richard Szeliski.
The secondary textbook is Computer Vision: A Modern Approach by David A. Forsyth, and Jean Ponce.

Submitting Assignments 
Log into cs.uml.edu using your CS username and password and type

$ submit saenko <assignment name>  <file | dir> ... 
<assignment name> should be one of pset0, pset1, pset2, ..., or project
<file | dir> can be a space separated list of files and/or directories, wildcard characters can be used.

Type man submit for more info, or email help@cs.uml.edu should you need assistance.

Submit a single pdf with all code and figures included, called psetN_Lastname.pdf. Write your name and gmail address at the top of the document.
Also submit code as .m files and any other outputs.
Don’t zip, gzip, tar, z7 the files, instead put all files in single directory 
$ls mydir
pset0_Lastname.pdf file1.m file2.m ...
$submit saenko pset2 mydir/