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Final project instructions

This is a reminder that by Sunday 5/8 night, you need to update your project page so it is ready to submit. The first section of all projects should be **objective**: what the project is about. The second section should be **motivation**: why the project is important and useful to you and to its intended users/readers.

If it is programming project, the next sections should include **design**: high level architecture components and relations, **implementation**: details of your implementation that may include class diagrams, database table schema, and any specific implementation challenges or other issues you want to include; and **demo** that include screen shots or a video demo.

If it is survey project, the next sections after **objective** and **motivation** should be the specific sections related to the subtopics of your survey, such as 4G WiMax, 4G LTE, 4G Technical Comparisons, etc.

For all projects, the last section should be your bi-weekly reports that you have done.

On Tuesday 5/10, you are not expected to do a formal PPT presentation.  Just hold a spot and show the demo to anyone walk by. I will visit each of your demos. You should also visit each other's demos. Be prepared to articulate your project and answer questions. This is a good practice of your verbal skills. You have showed your PPT skills when doing paper presentations, and you will show your technical writing skills with the project report page.

Tuesday 5/10 is the deadline for all project materials including your code.

Lecture notes


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Apr 29, 2011, 8:28 AM