Kids Fair 2013 will be held at the IM Building/Cliff Keen Arena on Friday, April 12th.
Teacher Kids Fair Info: CLICK HERE

How Will K-grams Benefit My Classroom?

·       Improves reading and writing skills

·       Provides children with a positive, college role model

·       Connects your students to a world outside of the classroom

·       Shows a practical application of reading and writing skills

·       Helps teach children about the letter writing process

·       Offers incentive to improve literacy

We Guarantee:

·       All the letters will be there! 

We do not want any children to be disappointed. We have a tested system with volunteers to make sure each child receives a proof-read letter every time.

·       Letter content will be appropriate 

We have a spot-check system that ensures language, content, and format of the letters are correct according to pre-approved guidelines. 

·       Projects will be fun and educational.  

Each semester, college students will come into your classroom and do a project with your students. A college student will be working with you to develop and implement a project allowing the children to meet their pen pals and learn in a fun way!

What Residence Hall(s)/Greek House(s) is my classroom paired with?


Questions about our programs? Feel free to email us at any time at umsmile@gmail.com