Public Relations Team
The members of the public relations team are directly responsible for the promotion of K-grams both on campus and in the surrounding communities.  They will work with the Director of Public Relations to complete several tasks including but not limited to: teacher recruitment, advertising, and assisting in quality control checks.  Additionally, they will work with the Student Group Director to promote K-grams to other student groups on campus.

Amy Hua



Favorite Candy: Swedish Fish

Favorite Childhood Memory: Having tea parties with my friends and eating desserts baked with our Easy Bake ovens

Amy Rusch



Favorite Candy: Heath bars

Favorite Childhood Memory: Catching fireflies in my backyard with my family

Sarah Campbell



Favorite Candy: Kit Kat

Favorite Childhood Memory: Learning how to ski

Sarah Scheinholtz


Prospective Communications

Favorite Candy: Butterfingers

Favorite Childhood Memory: Anything having to do with sleepaway camp