The Directors Board is selected each year on the basis of leadership, contribution to K-grams and dedication to helping bridge the education gap in the schools we work with.  The directors have numerous individual and joint responsibilities.  To see a full listing of responsibilities click here.

Amanda Webster

Executive Director


Elementary Education

“My favorite K-grams memory is the K-Day variety show.  It was so wonderful to be able to combine my love of kids with my love of the performing arts--and to see all the pen pals singing and dancing along!”

Emily Mannisto

Associate Director


Public Policy & Urban Studies

“My favorite K-grams memory was volunteering weekly at Dixon - and seeing how excited the kids got when we walked in the door!  Every single week was


Beth Campbell

Director of Finance


Business Administration, Focus in Accounting

“My favorite K-grams memory was the special K-Day in the spring for the classes that couldn't make it to Kids’ Fair.  I loved hanging out with the kids and seeing how excited they were to be on campus for the day.”

Kristin Kowalchyk

Director of Public Relations


Business Administration, Focus in Marketing

My favorite K-grams memory is volunteering for the Gompers Elementary School Valentine's Day dance. It was so much fun seeing the students, teachers, and college volunteers all letting loose and dancing together. There was so much positive energy!”

Lauren Gilezan

Pen Pal Director


Political Science

My favorite K-grams memory is the first day I walked into Gompers Elementary in Detroit as a Hall Head.  All of the kids ran up to me and Kristin smiling and asking for hugs.  You would have thought we were Santa.  Going to that school that day and every week after was always the best day of my week.  It gives you the happiest feeling in the world being in the schools.”

Abby Ingall

Pen Pal Director


Elementary Education

“My favorite K-grams memory is dancing with some 3rd grade girls at Kids’ Fair where they taught me how to Dougie!”

Megan Helfend

BookMARK Director



“My favorite K-grams memory is when one of the 3rd graders in my BookMARK session gave me the cootie catcher he made for their art project and then asked me to be his girlfriend.”

Sara Miller

Student Group Director


English & Community Action and Social Change

“My favorite K-grams memory is when finally, in the last ten minutes of Kids’ Fair, a little boy’s pen pal showed up and his entire face lit up like I have never seen anyone's face light up before. His pen pal was equally excited to see him. I will never forget that. That is why we do what we do.”

Gretchen Bentz

Director of Greek Relations


Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science

“My favorite K-grams memory is meeting Denard at Kids’ Fair!”