Steel Bridge


 From 2006-2009 and in 2012 the UMKC Steel Roos 
      won first place in the regional competition.   
In the 2012 season, UMKC was able to capture the overall first place finish at the regional competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. Along with that, the UMKC contingent was also able to take first in the Construction Speed, Stiffness, Weight (lightest), and Efficiency. The team also took 2nd in Economy and qualified for the National competition where the team took top ten in three of the categories.
The ASCE/AISC steel bridge competition is a student contest that tests the knowledge and practicality of teams of university students from American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE) Student Chapters in the field of structural engineering. Ideally, the design and fabrication of the bridge is conceived and completed entirely by the students and the participation of the students in the process is highly encouraged. 

The bridges must follow specifications explained in the rule book. The rules of the competition are changed annually to further enhance the quality of the competition and to prevent the submission of an already existing bridge

In order to be a part of the steel bridge team a membership with the American Society of Civil Engineers is required. Also, a safety shop class, required by UMKC, needs to be taken if a student wants to help with the fabrication of the bridge.

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