University of Mississippi - S. Omobono field school 2014

S. Omobono field school 2014

Seven students from the University of Mississippi (and one recent Brown University graduate) participated in an archaeological field school at the Area Sacra di S. Omobono in Rome led by Professor Hilary Becker (Department of Classics, University of Mississippi). On this page, you will find out more about the field school, student experiences, and the site of S. Omobono itself. Explore student blogs or even photos from an archaeological photo scavenger hunt. Or read about the varied lectures that supplemented the students' work on site.  In addition, as a part of this field school, students  visited numerous sites and museums in and around Rome - some photos of which you can see here. Enjoy! And check back for updates!

To learn more about the excavations at S. Omobono, visit the main page here.