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What are Wesleyites up to?

Outside of Wesley, our members are involved in numerous activities across campus and in the greater Ann Arbor area. Here's just a snippet of what we do! 

Out Loud Chorus

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Out Loud is a community chorus for people who identify as LGBT+ and allies in the Washtenaw County area. Wesley members Alyssa Jeffries and Rebecca Wilden (pictured on the right side of photo) are active in Out Loud. Learn more about the chorus here!

Sigma Alpha Omega (ΣΑΟ)

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Sigma Alpha Omega is the only Christian sorority at the University of Michigan and Wesley staff member, Maddie Dietrich, is an active sister. The sorority hosts meetings and events on occasion at Wesley. They are committed to following the ideals of Christ and His Word, uplifting each other through fellowship and service, and bringing the love of Christ to the University of Michigan

Women's March

On January 21st, 2017, thousands of people, included many in Wesley, participated in the historic Women's March. Most of Wesley participated in sister marches organized to parellel the parent one in DC. However, our Chaplain Bob Roth was able to make it down to DC and march with the over 500,000 people who advocated for women's rights. Learn more about the march and future events here

Wesley members pictured: Lukonde Mulenga, Madi Stagner, Eve Hillman, Becky Dean, Maddie Dietrich, and Robert Roth

If you're in Wesley and you want an organization or event you participate in featured on this page, email Lukonde Mulenga at