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Michigan Football

It has become lore at the Wesley Foundation that one brisk fall day in 2011, Brady Hoke, former head coach of the football team, looked down at the Wesley Lawn high above from his room in the Campus Inn and remarked to those with him that the football team ought to do their game day morning warm ups on that lawn he saw before him instead of the hotel ballroom as was routine at the time.  And so it was, that football season on: Every morning, bright and early for home games the student athletes we so glorify and admire shake off the sleep still in their eyes and cross the street to the Wesley Lawn where they go over plays in preparation for the upcoming game.  Those Wesley students and affiliates with true spirit and dedication frequently rise with the team and watch in person as some of their favorite players prepare for the competition to come.  

Unfortunately, with the coming of Jim Harbaugh, it seems the lawn will no longer be used by the Michigan Football team. We still really appreciate all the season spent by the team on the lawn and we wish them success in their upcoming seasons. GO BLUE!