2016-2017 School Year!
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Spring Semester Schedule
 Date Time Location Event 
 Wed, 5/3 7:15pmDiag Frisbee 
 Thurs, 5/117pm  Palmer FieldFrisbee 
 Fri, 5/19TBD Island Park Spring Picnic 
 Mon, 6/12 8:30-11pm Michigan Union  Student Org Fair
Tues, 6/13  8:30-11pmMichigan Union Student Org Fair 
Mon, 6/19 8:30-11pm Michigan Union Student Org Fair 
Wed, 6/21 8:30-11pm Michigan Union Student Org Fair 

Fall Semester Schedule
 Date Time Location  Event 
Fri, 9/9  3-7pm   Diag Festifall 
 Tues, 9/13  6-8pm  340 WH  Mass Meeting
Tues, 9/20  6-7:30pm   337 WH  Speaker Series - David Baker
 Sat, 9/248-10:30pm  Diag Paint the Rock
Tues, 10/4  6-7:30pm   337 WH Speaker Series - Bart Bartlett  (cancelled)
 Sat, 10/8TBA TBA Cider Mill/ Apple Picking 
 Tues, 10/11 6-8pm 340 WHTechnical Skills Workshops - LaTeX 
Tues, 10/18  6-8pm   337 WH  Grad School Seminar
 Thurs, 10/20 6-8pm TBD SPS/SWIP Mixer: Trivia Night
 Tues, 10/25  6-7pm 335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - CAD 
 Thurs, 10/278pm 335 WH Movie Night - Contact 
Tues, 11/1  6-7:30pm  337 WH  Speaker Series - Mark Newman
Tues, 11/8 5-6pm 335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - Git 
Tues, 11/15  6-7:30pm  337 WH  Speaker Series - Fred Adams
Wed, 11/16 6:30-8:30pm Burns Park  Outreach: Burns Park Demo Show
Tues, 11/22  5-7pm 337 WHSPS/SWIP Mixer: Board Game Night 
 Tues, 11/22  6-7pm 335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - Mathematica 
 Tues, 11/29 6-7:30pm  337 WH  Speaker Series - Junjie Zhu 
 Fri, 12/2 5pm Revel & RollBowling Night 
 Tues, 12/66-7pm 335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - Advanced Python Techniques 
3-4:30pm MI Stadium Big House Tour 
Tues, 12/13  6-7:30pm  337 WH  Student Talks 
Fri, 12/16 8pm 1477 RAND Holiday Party 

Summer Semester Schedule

 DateTime Location Event 
Mon, 7/10 8:30-11pm Michigan Union Student Org Fair 

Winter Semester Schedule

 Date Time  Location  Event 
 Tues, 1/10 6-8pm  337 WH  Mass Meeting 
Mon, 1/16 3pm 1477 RAND MLK Foosball Tournament 
 Tues, 1/176-7pm 335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - LaTeX 
Thurs, 1/18  8:30pm Yost Ice ArenaIce Skating 
Sat, 1/21All weekendFermilab  Fermilab Trip
Tues, 1/246-7:30pm 337 WHSpeaker Series - Christine Aidala
 Tues, 1/31 6-7pm335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - Mathematica 
Tues, 2/7  6-7:30pm   337 WH Speaker Series - Hui Deng
Tues, 2/14 6-7pm 335 WH Technical Skills Workshops - GNU/Linux Systems, terminal/command line, & shell-scripting 
Thurs, 2/16 4:30-6pm  340 WHTechnical Skills Workshops - GNU/Linux Systems part 2 
 Sat, 2/18
Sun, 2/19
 All Day Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Physics Palooza
Tues, 2/21  6-7:30pm  337 WH  Speaker Series - Brian Beckford
 Tues, 3/7 6-7:30pm  337 WH  Speaker Series - Carl Akerlof
 Tues, 3/21 6-7:30pm  337 WH  Speaker Series - David Lubensky
Tues, 4/4  6-7:30pm  337 WH  Elections, Student Talks, & Poster Session 
 Tues, 4/114-5:30pm 340 WH Technical Skills Workshops - Intro Python 
 Thurs, 4/13 4-5:30pm 340 WH Technical Skills Workshops - Intermediate Python  
 Thurs, 4/13 6-8pm 411 WH  Banquet 
Fri, 4/14 4-5:30pm 4404 RANDTechnical Skills Workshops - Advanced Python  

Meet our 2016-2017 Board! 
(Left to Right) 
Back: Ezra Lesser (Treasurer), Joey Golec (President), Jared Dziurgot (Tutoring Chair), Bobby Tarchinski (Co-Outreach Chair)
Front: Kim Sinclair (Co-Outreach Chair), Nita Kedharnath (Secretary), Denny Walsh (Vice President)
Not pictured: Jacqueline Beechert (Advocacy Chair), Alex Kavner (Social Chair)

Zone Meeting
Look out for more info on the upcoming SPS Zone Meeting! The University of Michigan chapter of SPS hosted the winter 2014 Zone 7 Meeting which included exciting talks, undergraduate research presentations, fun social activities, and much more!

How Do I Join?
Email sps-execboard@umich.edu or come visit our office at 1477 Randall!