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The purpose of this wiki is to facilitate collaboration and communication, foster research,
 and disseminate pertinent information  regarding our research and publication activities 
among the faculty, students and community partners of the twin universities of
UMHS and IUON,  founded by Dr. Robert Ross.
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The research goal of the University of Medicine and Health Sciences [St. Kitts] is to integrate research and other scholarly activities to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and conducting modern research.

The research activities of the university are overseen and monitored by the Research Committee. Faculty and/or students who are interested in undertaking a research project must first submit their proposal for review by the Research Committee. Once the committee grants approval, the project can proceed. Research proposals and findings are shared in a number of ways; such as posting on the UMHS Pulse Blog or the Anne Ross Library Blog; presentation at regional and international conferences; as well as through publication in International journals and this internal research wiki.

Areas of emphasis are reanalysis of previously generated medical/epidemiological data (data mining) from other studies, microbiology research, and research into therapeutic intervention in inflammation associated diseases. About 25 medical students from all the basic sciences semesters are currently[2013] engaged in research activities. Faculty and student publications as well as conference presentations have resulted from these research projects. The level of Commitment of the University has progressively increased and so has the faculty commitment to increased high caliber research output.