Agenda for Sept 21, 2010

  • Centers Based Networking Notecard Activity
    • ITouch and/or IPad
      • ITouch Apps website: IEAR
      • Task: find one application or podcast that you feel would support your curriculum in your class
    • Past Agendas and Blog Resources
      • ILearn - A great resource of ideas
      • Exploratorium - Many recommended sites for classrooms
      • Task: Find at least one resource presented in the archives, or on a blog post, that interests you in revisiting with your students
    • Flip Cams with One Day On Earth or other Web2.0 Projects - this is a 100+ page e-book containing ideas and examples of many different Web2.0 projects across all curriculum in all grade levels. 
      • Task: Find one project you can complete with your students as is or after you've tweaked it.
  • WallWisher Activity
  • Discussion about Grant Opportunities
    • ISTE - Publications
    • Classroom Walks
  • All My Neighbors Activity
  • End of cadre survey - what will you use in your classroom by next cadre and potential equipment use (link posted at 7:15)
  • Ending Announcements and Door Prizes
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