Agenda for Dec 7, 2010

  • Site Surfing
    • Kids Search Engine: Quintra Click on an icon, type in words, click on words to zoom in on search
    • Exploratorium from San Francisco: Information and activities surrounding science, arts, humanity.  Click on Who Are You tab and explore how this site can help you, or click on Explore Tab to get to online interactives you might use in classrooms.
    • The Street: Cultural Music differences from around the world
    • MuseumBox: A Web2.0 Tool where you can create your own Museum
    • YouthVoices: a collection of ideas tailored to having students write interactively with others in the online environment.
    • Kidblog: an email free tool to start your kids blogging in your classroom, and you should have administrative rights to all their work.
    • 20 Things I learned about browsers and The Web: An online interactive web book 
    • Own Your Own Space .... : A digital book for teens discussing Internet Safety
  • Google Apps for Educators - It should be ready for you and your students very soon
  • Emerging Technology - Augmented Reality: Hold Statue of Liberty in your hand
    • ARSights for more information. Download and install ARSights, print marker, find viewable locations from ARsights
  • Dinner
  • Survey and Door Prizes