A Brief History!

In the name of God

Once upon a time, somewhere in Fatima Memorial Hospital, Sargodha, Pakistan, Muhammad Umer Toor (1990- Present before you) was born and survived the onslaught of this blessing called life, and constantly found himself breathing actively. Alhamdulilah. This is his personal web-page and a slate-library. Hope you enjoy.

Professional/Academic Profile of Muddlehead

Now, I should give a professional background of myself. I'm still a sophomore student at Forman Christain College, University, also popularly known as FC College, Lahore, Pakistan. I'm pursuing the arts and sciences of business, at general, and operations, at specialization level, management studies. As I don't stop telling everyone that beauty of BSc Honours program at my university is its liberal arts program, since our university is running on the model of American higher education. It is a very well-rounded program in which a student must take by his own choice and temperament, even, exposure to as many fields he likes. Hence, an ordinary students ends up doing "cross-pollination" of different academic fields. It makes sure not to produce mere technicians but professionals, who can better contribute to the society. Very ideally. Nonetheless, no one should forget mentioning the very environment of university, universally, it seems, it "destructive for soul," as eminent philosopher-scholar-scientist Seyyed Hossein Nasr puts it (see Islam and the Plight of Modern Man, last chapter). Mine is no exception, but an exaggerated, real example for such folly.

Apart from the academic studies, I'm indulged in research with couple of professors at my own university, as a Research Associate, informally. I can only mention one venture we're about to start (in the end of June) that of writing business case-studies of Pakistani tech firms (only). Topics. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

Seeds of Pleasure & other Flowers

In my leisure time, I enjoy blogging here: Towards the Reign of 'Quality' (very ambitious!). For over a year I blogged here: Umer Toor Blog. I was interviewed for the later blog here, by The Pakistani Spectator. As a student of art of writing, I'm thoroughly impressed by the art, process, act and drama of writing and reading. As far as who should be praised for this immense, powerful creativity, like Elizabeth Gilbert, I only blame the Genius within man, not man himself.

I also seek to nurture my bodies by technically knocking out my friend-foes in tennis and cricket matches - my goodness how much I stumble! My head is always filled with images of fighter pilot jets at the speed of sound performing advanced combat tactics, and people seem to annoyed my my daily use of aerobatic idioms. May Allah give them the taste of flight of an eagle! Aameen.

Official Purpose Statement

One this website, it must remind myself, I intend to create a niche for myself, to control and direct myself, and to make it my table and library.

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