Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) was founded in 1805 as part of the medical faculty of Kharkiv University.

It is one of the oldest and leading medical higher institutions of Ukraine and the former USSR.

The university has been actively training medical students and medical specialists from all over the world since 1961.

The university trains about 5000 medical students and more than 630 teachers including 17 honoured scientists work in the various faculties.

More than 3,600 specialists from 86 states of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East have graduated from the university since 1951.

The under-graduate course in medicine involves 6 years and 13,474 hours of dedicated training and graduates become full fledged and competent doctors

humanitarian subjects - 1,576 hours
social-economic subjects - 432 hrs
fundamental/general scientific/subjects - 2,180 hours
professionally oriented subjects - 6,098 hours
elective courses - 324 hours
practical training - 972 hours
Internship /in the 6-th year- 1,892 hrs

Kharkiv also called Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine. The city is located in the northeast of the country. Kharkiv is one of the main industrial, cultural and educational centres of Ukraine. Kharkiv is 
one of the most prolific centers of higher education and research of Eastern Europe. 

The city has 13 national universities and numerous professional, technical and private higher education institutions, offering students a wide range of 
disciplines. Kharkiv National University (12,000 students), National Technical University “KhPI” (10,000 students), Kharkiv National Aerospace University "KhAI" are the leading universities in Ukraine. 

A total number of 150,000 students attend the universities and other institutions of higher education in Kharkiv. About 9,000 foreign students from 96 countries study in the city. More than 17,000 faculty and research stuff are employed in the institutions of higher 
education in Kharkiv.
Current admission status  

2014 admissions are now open. 
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KHARKIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is one of the foremost Medical Universities in Ukraine and is a prestigious and well recognized medical university in the world.

It is also a member of the International Association of Universities (under the aegis of UNESCO).

It is listed in the WHO directory of Medical schools and the FAIMER directory of the USA

Post Graduation in English is available in the below disciplines. The duration of Masters study is 2/3 years
1. Cardio surgery 2. Cardiology 
3. Dermatology  4. ENT  
5. Family medicine 6. Forensic Medicine 
7. Gastroenterology 8. General Medicine
9. Gynecology 10. Intensive care medicine
11. Internal diseases 12. Neurology 
13. Neurosurgery  14. Nuclear Medicine 
15. Oncology 16. Ophthalmology
17. Orthopedics 18. Pediatrics 
19. Plastic Surgery  20. Public Health 
21. Pulmonary Medicine  22. Radiology 
23. Social Medicine 24. Surgery 
25. Therapy 26. Urology
27. Urosurgery

The departments are reputed centers for 
training of doctors from over 50 countries 
and several collaborations are also 
undertaken with various universities and 
research centers across the world.

Under-graduate medical admissions intake usually begins in June and classes start in September.

Post-Graduation medical admissions are available mostly for students who have completed their under-graduation in the same university. However, some seats are also available for foreign doctors.

Prospective doctors from around the world wishing to do specializations need to first check on the availability of seats for their particular specialization by filling up the enquiry form on this page.

They will thereafter receive a mail from their
coordinators or one of their representatives from around the world and follow the steps for admissions processing

Kharkiv National Medical University is an important center for foreign students seeking high quality medical education.

More than 1000 foreign students study in the university and more than 180 professors and assistant professors are involved in training them.

A degree from Kharkiv is recognized in the USA, UK and Australia. Students are eligible to appear in the USMLE, PLAB and AMC exams. A Kharkiv degree is also
recognized by the Medical Council of India and the medical councils of most countries.

The training is provided in compliance with the general state syllabuses and curriculam approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of  Health of Ukraine and the European Union.

The university has 63 departments and education
research production units (ERPU). The various ERPUs include
ERPU "Therapy" - the Department of Hospital Therapy and the Institute of Therapy of the Academy of Medical
Sciences of Ukraine;
ERPU "Surgery" - the Department of Hospital Surgery and the Institute of General and Urgent Surgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine;
ERPU "Obstetrics and Gynaecology" - the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology No. 1 and the Institute of Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the
Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine;
ERPU "Medical Radiology" - the Department of Radiation Diagnosis and Radiation Therapy and the Institute of Medical Radiology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
ERPU "Nephrology and Urology" - the Department of Urology and Nephrology and the Regional Centre of Urology and Nephrology named after V.I. Shapovalov
ERPU "Medical Genetics" - the Department of Medical Genetics and the Inter Regional Centre of Clinical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis.