CSMU - Crimea State Medical University, UKRAINE

began in 1918 as the medical faculty of Tavriyan university.

The university named after S. I. Georgievsky has the IV (highest) level of accreditation and has been a center of medical education and medical science in the Crimea,
providing academic and vocational training, as well as research and medical & consultative activity in several medical specializations and Pharmacy.

It is a mordern medical university with world class facilities and a model of continuous medical education.

The university trains about 5000 medical students and more than 630 teachers including 17 honoured scientists work in the various faculties.

More than 3,600 specialists from 86 states of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East have graduated from the university since 1951.


The under-graduate degree program prepares the students for comprehensive clinical knowledge – diagnostics and treatment of patients. Practical skills training is of particular significance. Beginning from
the third year and till graduation from the University at practical classes and during summer practical training, students work with patients, master and use modern methods of diagnostics and treatment.

An important form of check up of students’ knowledge is a testing frame, elaborated and introduced at the University, with a set of tests to meet the requirements of licensing examinations KROK-1 and KROK-2 in

The indices of the academic progress of the faculty graduates have averaged 70% during the last years.

The dean’s office maintains close contact with graduates, most of them raise their skills at the University faculty of post-graduate education.

For seat availability into the various Medical Post-
Graduate specializations and for admission details for the under-graduate intake, please fill ALL THE DETAILS in the 
above ENQUIRY FORM and submit. 


Under-Graduation classes start from September each year. Students should enter Ukraine not later than Oct 1st.

The academic year lasts usually till June and then the students have a vacation. The academic year is divided into two semesters (terms): the autumn one 
(September to January) and the spring one 
(February to May). There is winter vacation (1-2 weeks) and summer vacation (about 2 months) between the terms.

The discipline at CSMU is quite strict with obligatory attendance of most practical classes and lectures, which is under the constant control of the Dean’s office 
(inspectors, the Dean, and Dean’s assistants).

Post-Graduate students are enrolled to the clinical ordinature every first day of the month (except July and August) during the academic year. Post-Graduate admission is dependent on the availability of seats for the particular specialization.

Crimea State Medical University
5/7 Boulevard Lenin,
Crimea, Ukraine
CSMU is constantly a leader in the rating among the higher medical schools of Ukraine according to the results of the state licensed exams “KROK-M”, “KROK-1”, “KROK-2”, “KROK-3”, being a proof of high level training of the alumni of the University.

The University is particularly proud of its highly qualified academic staff which totals 850 persons, including 99 doctors of science, professors, 356 candidates of science (Ph-holders), assistant professors.

40 professors of the University are academicians and Corresponding Members of native and foreign academies of science, 14 - Laureates of State Prize, 60 - have
honorary titles.

About 4,700 students study at the Crimean State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky including 1,700 foreign citizens from 34 countries of the world.

English Language teaching is provided for both under-graduation and post-graduation.


Post-Graduate study for foreign citizens is fixed according to the application and the country requirements. Term of training at the clinical ordinature on therapeutic specialties
is 2 years, for surgical ones – 3 years and for particular specialty like neurosurgery and others – 4-5 years.

In May 2006 an international certification of CSMU carried out by the International Education Society (IES), London. CSMU has become the first medical school in Ukraine to
pass such an international certification.

In 2006, the first 47 graduates of CSMU from Gemany, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives, Pakistan, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon received International Certificates of IES. Taking into account the growing
requirements to standardization of education in the world and longstanding experience of CSMU in training of foreign students, this international certification will contribute to the rise in international rating of University graduates.


1.Obstetrics and Gynecology 2.Allergology
3.Anesthesiology 4.Gastroenterology 5.Hematology 6.Dermatovenereology; 7.Children surgery 8.Endocrinology
9.Imunology 10.Cardiology 11.Clinical immunology 12.Clinical laboratory diagnostics 13.Emergency
medicine 14.Neurology 15.Neurosurgery; 16.Nephrology 17.Oncology 18.Oncosurgery; 19.Orthodontology 20.Prosthetic dentistry; 21.Orthopedy and traumatology
22.Otolaryngology 23.Ophthalmology 24.Pathological Anatomy 25.Pediatrics 26.Pulmanology 27.Radiology;
29.Dentistry 30.Therapeutic dentistry 31.Therapy 32.Urology 33.Physical therapy; 34.Dental surgery 35.Surgery

Post-Graduate aspirants are requested to confirm the availability of a particular specialization in English medium, if they are seeking admission for English medium.