KMU-Kyiv Medical University

Under-Graduate Medical Education at Ukraine is for 6 years. The admission criteria for foreign students wishing to join the under-graduate course is the completion of the senior secondary schooling (+2/PUC in India, A levels in certain countries etc). 

Students without higher secondary / A level completion, may first join the Pre-Medical course after completion of their secondary school qualification (O levels/Secondary School) and proceed to the under-graduate medical degree course the following year. 

Students are requested to check with their country medical councils on the eligibility requirements that will enable them to register as medical practitioners after completing their medical degrees at Ukraine. 

The academic year starts in September and students may start the admission process in June. Enquiries and other preparatory work may be done prior to that. 


Post-Graduation is available in over 26 specializations in English medium. The clinical degrees are usually for 2 years and Surgical Degrees are usually for 3 years. 2 year degrees can be extended to 3 years if required, in some cases.

Ukraine has been a traditional destination for students from around the world for post-graduate specializations.

Students from over 50 countries study every year at Ukraine .  South Asia, Middle-East, Far-East and Africa have preferred the below universities for both under-graduation and post-graduation.

Post-Graduate admission requires confirmation from the faculty of a particular department to confirm the admission. Hence, Doctors seeking admission to post-graduation courses are requested to confirm things elaborately with us before starting the admission process.

Doctors can choose their Post-Graduation from the below specializations.

1. Cardio surgery    
2. Cardiology
3. Dermatology   
4. ENT
5. Family medicine    
6. Forensic Medicine
7. Gastroenterology    
8. General Medicine
9. Gynecology   
10. Intensive care medicine
11. Internal diseases   
12. Neurology
13. Neurosurgery   
14. Nuclear Medicine
15. Oncology   
16. Ophthalmology
17. Orthopedics   
18. Pediatrics
19. Plastic Surgery   
20. Public Health
21. Pulmonary Medicine   
22. Radiology
23. Social Medicine 
24. Surgery
25. Therapy 
26. Urology
27. Urosurgery

Post-Graduation is also available in Dentistry is Orthodontics, Implantology, maxillofacial surgery etc.