African Students for Ukrainian Medical Universities-Advice

Students from Africa applying to the 
Medical Universities in Ukraine to study Medicine,
Please note the below
Students from a lot of African countries face a lot of visa issues 
in completing their admissions to the Medical Universities at Ukraine.
This is most unfortunate 
as a lot of good applicants from Africa 
are unable to make it to Ukraine for their Medical courses.

We have statistical proof that students who apply for the visas earlier on 
between May to early August have a 
100% success rate in getting their visas

Hence, we advice African students to 
complete your admission work by making the 
prepayment between December and April.

By making your prepayment during this time, 
you will receive your Invitation Letters 
in the first batch itself (May/June).

By receiving your Invitation Letters earlier on, 
you can file your Visa applications yourself 
without having to depend on agents thus 
saving your valuable money as well.
Hence, to ensure a straight forward and 
easy processing work for your admission 
and to be at Ukraine without any difficulties, 
kindly complete the first step of your admission processing work 
by making your prepayments between 
December and April 
Kyiv Medical University (KMU) has intake in February also. 
So, it will be more advantageous for visa processing, for African students.
Have a trouble free completion 
of your admission 
and visa processing. 
We look forward to having all of you in Ukraine to 
join the Top Medical Universities of Ukraine