UMD Anti-Racism commitment

United Mountain Defense is a field based organization. We are about logistics and not so much about philosophy.

Appalachia is a dumping ground, a national sacrifice zone--for every nasty, dangerous and filthy industry in the country. We have been called "the 4th world" due to this. The strip mining of Appalachia is just one example of this pattern.

Appalachia is a resource colony for the rest of the country.

One of the steps of colonialization is you dehumanize and are paternalistic to the colonized. Appalachia is one of the last few stereotypes its still socially acceptable to publicly ridicule and make fun of. One of the classic stereotypes used, a historically ignorant stereotype--is the idea that hillbillies are especially racist.

The KKK and Nazis when they try to organize in our region play into that stereotype.

So--here is our commitment as an organization. Anytime the KKK or Nazis attempt to rally UMD will try to provide material support to actively assist counter demonstration efforts when feasible. This support may mean we loan volunteer staff to go protest, paint, promotion--in any way we can. Material support and organizational help, that is our commitment.

We are a logistically oriented organization consequently we tend towards logistic based solutions. As tree huggers we often go to extreme measures to do what is called "carbon offsets" to balance our carbon footprint.

Consider this our "racism offset." Other groups hold workshops and teach ins, which is fine. UMD is committed to putting people in the street and shutting down KKK and Nazi rallies when and where we can, this our contribution--material support.

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