UMD News

  • National Coal has withdrawn a permit for mining on Zeb Mtn where we found selenium discharges! LINK
  • OSM Site Inspection Visit Next Week- Mar.5
  • Plan on 2014 Mountain Justice Spring Break!!! LINK
    • Northern West Virginia: March 9-16
    • Virginia: March 1-9 in Appalachia, VA
    • Pennsylvania: March 16-23 
  • UMD 2014 Oil/Gas/Fracking Field Work Proposal Now Available... Contact us for details
  • Now Seeking Presenters for APIEL V - October 17-19, 2014!
  • UMD Oil & Gas Violation Data now Available! LINK
  • Permit Hearings Coming Soon!

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Why Support UMD? Because we:
  1. Give support to mountain communities
  2. Hold federal and state regulators to account
  3. Engage in independent scientific data collection and analysis
  4. Work to halt the devastating practice of Mountain Top Removal
  5. Protect the priceless biodiversity of the Southern Appalachians

Our Mission
UMD utilizes volunteers, community members, lay scientists, and legal and environmental professionals to achieve three crucial goals: 1) Identify, document, and publicize environmental impacts in TN, 2) Educate and empower communities, 3)Advise, collaborate, litigate, and legislate

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We meet each Tuesday at 7:00 at Barley's in the Old City on the 2nd floor. Plug in to community organizing, scientific data collection and direct action!

About Us! United Mountain Defense (UMD) is a volunteer driven not for profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to protecting Tennessee’s environment and communities. Founded in 2005, UMD is composed of a workforce of long term volunteers, short term interns and an eight person volunteer board with a diverse background and over 30 years of combined experience working on environmental and social justice issues and non-profit management.

UMD works to halt the practices of mountaintop removal (MTR) and other destructive industries in Tennessee. UMD monitors coal corporations and their regulators, and holds them accountable through scientific monitoring, community organizing, engaging in the permitting process, and legal actions when appropriate. These activities are supported by conducting outreach and education on the issue of MTR and hosting anti-MTR events and actions. We are active within the state of Tennessee, primarily in Campbell, Claiborne, Scott, Fentress, Bledsoe, Knox, Blount, and Roane counties.

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Scientific Monitoring and Data Collection
United Mountain Defense conducts extensive monitoring and data collection to document the impacts of surface mining on Tennessee’s mountains and highland watersheds. UMD’s water monitoring program includes sampling for Se, As, Fe, Mn, Al, BTEX, PAHs, Sulfate, conductivity, pH, DO, biological surveys of macro-invertebrates and visual stream assessments.

We also have the capability to perform air and soil sampling.