About UMD SI

Critical Thinking and Science Advocacy:

The main goal of our organization is to promote accurate science to the UMD community. What do I mean by accurate science? If you are interested in science, you may have noticed that scientific topics are often misrepresented in the media and that the general public understanding of scientific topics is usually quite different than the consensus among the scientific community. A main goal of our group is to try and remedy this on campus. We want to promote scientific topics as accurately as possible to the UMD community. One of the ways we would like to achieve this is by finding topics of interest to the community and researching them very thoroughly so that we can present a very intellectually honest summary of the facts for and against the topic. We are also interested in sponsoring lectures by professors, hosting fun events, and putting together seminars to address topics of interest. 

The Expressed Purpose of UMD SI:

When the founding members and I were drafting the constitution we needed to come up with a way of conveying our goals as succinctly as possible. Here is what we came up with:

UMDSI is established for the expressed purpose of:
a) Providing verifiably accurate information on specific subjects of interest to the University of Maryland community.
    This is the main goal of UMD SI. Drawing on the previous section, we want to be an organization that the UMD community can count on to give them accurate information.  We have our own ideas about what might be interesting, however the goal is to give out information that the community wants. Excellent research, sighting sources, tackling a subject from all sides, not being afraid of where the evidence leads you. These are all things that we are committed to. 

b) Promoting critical thought.
    In science and in general, critical thought is extremely important. This is included in our purpose because critical thought will be used in all of our endeavors. We will do our best to look at all sides of the argument or topic in question. We are committed to finding out all we can about a subject to better understand it and to better convey this understanding to the UMD community. 

c) Advocating for scientific inquiry.
    It is our opinion that scientific inquiry gives us the best understanding of a topic. Science tends to get a bad reputation. Those who may not be interested may see it as cold and mechanical, (For those who do, I recommend this video). This is almost never the case. A lot of passion goes into scientific research, the goal being to understand nature. From the composition of an atom to the expansion of the universe, the pursuit of knowledge is what drives scientists. We want to show that everyone can benefit from science and its methods. 

d) Creating a community of students interested in furthering the above. 
    This is the most self explanatory goal. As an organization we want to create a community of students who share a passion for science and who want to promote it on campus. 

-Anthony Accetta
President, UMD SI

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