*Features may randomly break as Testudo is updated by the University - if you have problems, just disable the extension until a new version arrives*

Browse Testudo's Schedule of Classes with marginally increased classiness.
UMD Schedule of Classes Browsing Extension
This extension hooks into any Schedule of Classes page and parses information about the professor from The professor's average GPA, grade histogram, and review score is displayed in line next to each section. You can click on "GPA" or "Reviews" to directly jump to OurUMD's page for that professor.

It only parses the visible sections, so it won't bog down OurUMD's servers too much. Most of the code hasn't been tested too much (remnants of it are from CMSC132) so expect some problems from time to time parsing info.
Chrome: (Chrome Web Store)
Current version: v3.2
v0.2 - v3:  Added cumulative and class average GPAs per section Script now stores grade/review information locally for each professor for better performance Fixed small bug with displaying incorrect review score Fixed regex problems, and courses with no instructor Fixed manifest problem which results in installation failure Fixed class gpa displaying the value for another class
v3.1: Added support for new Testudo page:
v3.11: Slightly improved performance on pages with hundreds of classes. Testudo updated again - full professor names are now shown. Script works again...for now.
v3.2: Routed requests through HTTPS proxy
Thanks to OurUMD for a great website and service.
disclaimer: created for a CMSC132H project long ago so expect some glitches