Summer Internships

DEADLINE EXTENDED: We are currently accepting applications.  All summer 2016 internship application materials are due by APRIL 15, 2016.

Who is eligible to be a UMD Noyce Intern?

Applicants for an internship must:

  • Have a current GPA of at least 2.75.

  • Be a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident alien.

  • Be a rising UMD sophomore or junior in the summer of 2016 with a major or potential major in mathematics or science, a strong mathematics or science background, and the capacity and disposition to work with middle school and high school students.  (Please note -- a "rising" sophomore or junior means that you are currently a freshman or sophomore in the 2015-2016 academic year.)

What kinds of internships are available?

UMD Noyce Summer Internships are intended to provide opportunities for UMD students to engage in experiences centered on mathematics or science education (e.g., tutoring, curriculum development, etc.) during the summer months.  The maximum value of the internship is $2,700 in math ($15 per hour x 30 hours per week x 6 weeks) and $3,000 in science ($15 per hour x 33-34 hours per week x 6 weeks).  Interns are responsible for their own housing, transportation, and meals.

There are two types of internships available, depending on who determines the site:

Alpha Internships

UMD Noyce Alpha Interns will engage in work at an institution or organization identified by the UMD Noyce Scholars Program.  Possible internship sites include the following:

Beta Internships

UMD Noyce Beta Interns will engage in work at an institution or organization identified by the intern.  Applicants for the Beta internship may work as math or science tutors, teachers, facilitators, or teachers' aides in existing programs at not-for-profit organizations anywhere in the United States.  Applications must include a description of the nature and scope of the work proposed in the internship and a letter of support from the identified organization, and will be evaluated on their proposed capacity to provide a meaningful experience for the intern.

For instance, say Ashley James is a UMD freshman from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Ashley knows that the Tulsa Department of Parks and Recreation hosts a summer sports and academic camp for middle school students every summer.  Ashley could apply to be a UMD Noyce Beta Intern and support the camp through tutoring and facilitating math activities.  As part of Ashley's application to be a UMD Noyce Beta Intern, Ashley would ask the coordinators of the camp to provide a letter of support (on Tulsa Parks and Recreation letterhead) and submit a description of the work Ashley would do.  If granted the internship, Ashley could then work in her hometown to support mathematics teaching and learning during the summer at no expense to the Tulsa Department of Parks and Recreation -- Ashley's summer pay would come directly from the UMD Noyce Scholars Program.

What responsibilities will I have?

In addition to completing the tasks assigned in their internships, interns will be expected to keep a weekly blog describing their activities, attend monthly meetings with other interns throughout the summer, and complete a culminating project designed to document their experiences and what they feel they learned.

How do I apply for an internship?  What do I need to prepare and submit?

To apply, download the relevant UMD Noyce internship application package.  This package includes application instructions, the application form, essay prompts, information for references, and a letter for the supporting institution for the Beta internship option.

Compile your application materials, following the instructions in the application package.  Note that a complete application will include the following components:

  • A brief cover letter introducing yourself as a UMD Noyce internship applicant

  • A completed application form

  • Short written responses to the essay prompts

  • Two letters of recommendation completed by those who can attest to your academic background, leadership potential, and potential to teach or tutor in math or science

  • (For Beta interns) A description of the math or science education internship experience that you have created in conjunction with the supporting organization.  This must include the structure of the experience, the age/grade level you will be working with, and a description of the organization that is overseeing your internship.  You must also include a letter of support from the supporting organization stating their commitment to and agreement about your proposed summer internship.

Submit your application materials as specified in the application package.  All e-mails should be sent to Vince Bonina.