ECEGSA was founded in 1994 by David A. Bader and was originally named EEGSA. It was founded to promote academic excellence and to foster a sense of community among the diverse ECE graduate community. After more than two decades, ECEGSA has become larger and more diverse. Currently it serves as the voice of ECE graduate students and organizes several activities and events. 

Mission Statement 

The purpose of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA) is to improve the quality of education and enhance the quality of life of the ECE graduate students, to communicate and support research interests of ECE graduate students, to recommend members for policy-making and administrative committees of the Department of ECE, and to be the spokes body for ECE graduate student concerns.

Our Constitution can be found here.

Board Members

Vice Presidents
Debdipta Goswami
Ankit Mondal (Academic Affairs)
Drew Risinger (Social Affairs)
Board Members Mukul Kulkarni
  Franklin Nouketcha
Dipankar Maity
Christos Mavridis
Mikey D'Antonio
Nadee Seneviratne
Ananth Hari
Anuththara Rupasinghe
Usman A. Fiaz
 Senior Consultant Lisa Krayer
David Nahmias
 Faculty Advisor Prof. Andre Tits 

Previous ECEGSA Board Members can be found in our History