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91.9 WGTS  Christian radio, music Charity / Special Interest 
95.1 WRBS 95.1 WRBS Charity / Special Interest 
Bible Study Fellowship  Charity / Special Interest 
Bibliography, Cross & Gavel The extensive bibliography of print resources is organized by topic, with each topic divided into “core” resources and “supplemental” recommended resources. Most of the print resources are linked to our Cross & Gavel Resources Blog where we provide annotations with additional thoughts regarding the particular book or article. If the citation isn't listed on one of the bibliography pages, you'll find it at the blog (plus, the blog is searchable!). Finally, a few of the titles listed on these pages have links to repositories where you may read them online. Here's what you'll find as you look through our Bibliography: General Resources, Legal Education, Law School Subjects, Seminal Questions, and Strengthening Your Faith. Christian Legal 
Blackstone Fellowship  Christian Legal 
Blogs, Cross & Gavel General Law Blogs From The Volokh Conspiracy, to Above the Law and TaxLaw Prof, this annotated list will direct you through the “blawgosphere”! Start your journey here. Faith & Law Blogs This annotated blogroll gathers great resources for joining the conversation as it relates to faithful thinking in the law. We recommend Mirror of Justice as the gold standard, but be sure to check out Redeeming Law, Dean’s blog, and Ninomania. Other Blogs We Enjoy Not strictly on topic, but these blogs, in our humble opinion, are worthy your time if you like to think about the relationship of Christianity to culture. C & G Blogs Want to post a comment about what you've been reading? Interested in a weekly law-related devotional? Need some encouragement and another perspective as you face down the pressure of law school or practice? We hope the blogs below challenge and help you to seek the Source of law and truth and to enjoy communion with Him and His children. Christian Legal 
Blood: Water Mission Build a Well in Africa (Jars of Clay) Charity / Special Interest 
Center Blog Blog from Advocacy Ministry of Christian Legal Society Church 
charity: water Adopt a Well in Africa Charity / Special Interest 
Christian Law Association  Christian Legal 
Christian Legal Society  Christian Legal 
Compassion International  Charity / Special Interest 
Cross & Gavel Cross & Gavel is a comprehensive resource for Christian lawyers and law students who believe that faith is central to law practice and study. We understand that it is not always an easy task to faithfully walk out one’s calling in the law, and we desire to provide information, highlight resources, locate training, and network people seeking to be faithful ministers of justice in the kingdom. Cross & Gavel is an ongoing project of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, a joint ministry of Regent University School of Law and the Christian Legal Society. Christian Legal 
Essential Law Reading List A select group of law professors, young lawyers, and law student ministry staff were asked the following question: "Off the top of your head - no need to noodle on this for more than two minutes - what books or essays would you recommend that every Christian law student read before or during law school?" Christian Legal 
Family Life  Charity / Special Interest 
International Justice Mission  Christian Legal 
McLean Bible Church, Pastor Lon Solomon  Church 
Oranizations, Policy & Public Interest Law Check in here to find organizations taking action: public interest law firms doing religious liberty litigation and asylum work, policy institutes researching and writing to educate and inform, or grassroots advocacy groups urging citizens to get involved. Check out the Institute for Religion and Democracy, the Center for Law and Religious Freedom, and Prison Fellowship. Christian Legal 
Organizations, Education and Worldview Here you’ll encounter a diverse group of organizations dedicated to instruction in Christian thinking and worldview education, whether through study centers, university-sponsored institutes, or apologetics training courses. Find links to Probe Ministries, Worldview Academy, Centers for Christian Study International, or Fordham’s Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work. Charity / Special Interest 
Organizations, International Law & Missions From Christian relief organizations to short-term missions sponsors, to opportunities to teach in China, you’ll find it here. Visit World Vision, the International Institute for Christian Study, or Samaritan’s purse. Charity / Special Interest 
Publications, list by Cross & Gavel Cross & Gavel listing of publications related to Christianity & the Law, Christianity & Culture (Arts), and Christianity & Culture (Public Policy) Christian Legal 
Purpose Driven Life  Charity / Special Interest 
Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren  Church 
University of Maryland Law School University of Maryland Law School, where a Maryland Chapter of the Christian Legal Society is based. Christian Legal 
Willow Creek Community Church, Pastor Bill Hybels  Church 
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