The Christian Lawyer is published several times each year.  It covers CLS' four major ministries: Attorneys, Law Students, Advocacy, and Legal Aid.  It also provides helpful resources for learning about and providing spiritual ministry within the legal community.   The Journal of Christian Legal Thought seeks to provide practitioners and students a vehicle through which to engage Christian legal scholarship that will enhance this reflection as it relates to their daily work, and, to provide legal scholars a peer-reviewed medium through which to explore the law in light of Scripture, under the broad influence of the doctrines and creeds of the Christian faith, and on the shoulders of the communion of saints across the ages.
 CLS Bible Studies are useful resources for Christian lawyers and law students written by Christian lawyers over the past years. The subject matter and issues are pertinent to lawyers in all walks of their life and profession. Please download and take time with other lawyers and law students to go "deeper."  They are all in .pdf format and need Adobe Reader to be downloaded. CLS E-Devotionals are for your encouragement and edification.  These E-Devotionals were sent to our members by email as part of a series beginning in September 2010.  The most recent devotionals are at the top. For earlier devotionals, just scroll down.