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Acquaintance with Things Human and Divine Today's lawyers make two mistakes in thinking (or in failing to think) about the nature and purpose of law. First, most lawyers completely ignore Christian theology as the source and primary exponent of the civil law. Second, even Christian lawyers have a tendency to view law as a sort of necessary evil, the opposite of God's grace. But civil law does in fact have its most firm foundation in God's revealed truth. 
Advocate  A Biblical Approach to Legal Ethics 
Being Grown as Leaders from God's Seed of Faith Being Personally Led, from the Inside Out, by Christ's Authentic Love 
Bible Reading Plan - Biographical (121 Days) Want to read Bible highlights from Adam to Zechariah? It's easy! The advantages of this approach include ease in seeing the story of the Bible and becoming acquainted with the entire Who's Who of the Bible. As you read, be sure to thank God for what he's going to do in and through you during the months ahead!  
Bible Reading Plan - Chronological (61 Days) Would you like to read through the key stories of the Bible in chronological order, tracing the development of God's plan from Adam and Eve to the church of the New Testament? This reading plan introduces you to the major people and events of the Bible in chronological order, beginning with Creation, moving through the birth and history of the Israel nation, and ending with Revelation's prophetic words. It's all broken down into 61 easily-readable segments.  
Bible Reading Plan - Comprehensive (365 days) Ready for the incredible privilege and adventure of reading the Bible through cover to cover? We hope so! It takes only about fifteen minutes a day. Enjoy! As you read, ask the Lord to help you see the redemptive story of the Bible. It's the heartbeat of every book from Genesis to Revelation.  
Bible Reading Plan - Comprehensive (90 days) Read through the Bible in 90 days 
Bible Reading Plan - Survey (61 Days) Want to read highlights from every book of the Bible? This reading plan walks you through key passages from every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in just 61 days. You'll be able to trace God's plan of salvation from start to finish in short, readable selections over the course of three months.  
Bible Study Briefs Practical application for the lawyer/law student on major Bible topics that relate to the law. 
Bible Study Fellowship  What began more than 50 years ago as a desire of a small group of women to deepen their faith through a weekly Bible study now includes men, women, and children around the world--all with that same desire. Today, there are nearly 1,000 BSF classes with 200,000 class members in more than 30 nations across six continents! Over 800 of the classes are held in the U.S. Join one in your area. 
Biblical Foundations of Procedural Law This primer on procedural law explores the view that justice is rooted in process and jurisdiction-- even more than in truth. 
Bibliography Designed for the Christian law student, this bibliography describes hundreds of books and essays, divided by law-centered topics, including the typical law school curriculum 
Bridgebuilding: The Ministry of Reconciliation in a World of Conflict  A Bible Study on Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation 
Christian Leadership: The Source of the Vision  Biblical Discussion of Key Characteristics of Christian Leadership 
God and Governing: A Study Through Discussion This study, written by longtime CLS member Curran Tiffany, explores in 12 Studies the biblical foundations of government. 
God's Law: Our Delight God's Law Points Us to Salvation and is a Guide for Our Lives as Believers and Lawyers 
Intimacy with God: Evaluating and Rekindling Your Relationship  Helping You Evaluate Your Relationship with God and Rekindle Your Desire to Draw Nearer to Him  
Last Shall Be First: A Challenge for Christian Lawyers  Helping the Lawyer and Law Student Understand the Servant's Calling We Have as Followers of Christ 
Lawgiver  A Study of Biblical Jurisprudence 
One hundred most read Bible verses 100 most read Bible verses as compiled by Bible Gateway. 
Portrait of a Peacemaker  Using Moses' Example as Reconciler 
Seven Deadly Malpractices  Seven Bible studies concentrating on the seven deadly sins and how they apply to life in the law. 
Through It All  This Bible Study Helps Us Share Our Paths With One Another and Understand God is with Us Every Step 
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