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orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) Cameron Highlands, Malaysia   
photo: Kate Umbers   

Jonathan Losos' Anole Blog

Blue colours and animals
Journal of Zoology Podcast
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'Giant robber crabs, pandas, bonobo apes and more!'

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'Tough guys wear turquoise'
New Scientist

'Turquoise Tournaments'
Wildlife Australia Magazine
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
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Catalyst: Animal Action
Popular science TV program
Australian Broadcasting Commission

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king-in-his-carriage orchid (Drakaea glyptodon), Yeagarup NP, Western Australia
photo: Kate Umbers
Directions in Biology

Department of Biological Sciences
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'Hopping for a better world'
Snowy Times 
Local newspaper of the Snowy Mountains region

'Locusts reveal the costs of sex' - Expert Opinion
Cosmos Magazine
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ACT School Science Awards - Guest Speaker
CSIRO Discovery, November 2011

Science Experience
- Presenter, Macquarie University
Science Schools Foundation
, January 2007

Gifted & Talented Students, Senior Science Day - Macquarie University
Chifley College, May 2009

Macquarie University Open Day Public Displays - 
Macquarie University
2007, 2008, 209, 2010, 2011

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