Contact Details 

office: building 35 room 101 [campus map]
e-mail: kate_umbers [at]
metrics: Google scholar
g+ journal club: Colo(u)r Science community
twitter: @quasicoherent

Adjunct Research Fellow
School of Animal Science, Faculty of Science
Crawley, WA, Australia, 6008
officeZoology Building, Level 1 [campus map]

Research Associate
Welshpool, WA, Australia, 6106

Visiting Fellow
Acton, ACT, Australia, 0200
North Ryde, NSW, Australia, 2109

Happy scientists at the lookout to Mt Kosciuszko, 
Australia's highest peak (peak on right of screen, above sign)
Left to Right: Kate Umbers, Brianne Messer, Giselle Muschett, 
Jasmin Ruch, Jutta Schneider, Marie Herberstein & Johanna Mappes
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