Dye Information

Our 3130xl / 3100 has been calibrated for use with Applied Biosystems five-dye chemistry, the DS-33 Dye Set (G5 filter set). The DS-33 dyes used for specific labeling of fragment primers are 6-FAM, VIC, NED, and PET. A fifth dye, LIZ, is used for the size standard with either 500 or 600 bp ladders. This five-dye chemistry permits the analysis of multiple fragments in the same reaction well. The increased multiplexing capacity over four-dye systems is advantageous in improving sample throughput and in reducing user costs. Click here for the additional information on ABI dye sets.

Dyes: 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET

Ladder: LIZ size standard


6-FAM = Blue (Strong Signal)

VIC = Green

NED = Yellow (Black)

PET = Red

LIZ = Orange


When ordering 5'-end-labeled primers, note that ABI is the sole vendor for the VIC, NED, and PET dye labels. Additional information for ordering ABI dye sets can be found in the attached files. However, 6-FAM labeled primers may be ordered from other vendors such as Integrated DNA Technologies (www.idtdna.com).