Student Athlete Employment

 Any student-athlete may work on or off campus.   NCAA rules stipulate that student-athlete employment earnings must comply with the following restrictions:
  1. Your compensation does not include any remuneration for value or utility that you may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame or personal following that you have obtained because of athletics ability;
  2. You will be compensated only for work actually performed; and
  3. You will be compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services.
Student-athletes are educated about the NCAA and university rules regarding their potential employment and fee-for-lesson employment during the mandatory Student-Athlete Compliance meeting at the beginning of the academic year.  All Student-athletes must report employment to the Compliance Office immediately once they get a job, by turning in Employment Form A, which includes approval from his/her coach and academic counselor.   Once the compliance office receives Employment Form A, the compliance assistant sends Employment Form B, an Employer Agreement, to the employer which outlines the NCAA rules regarding student-athlete employment and confirms the student-athletes employment.   At the completion of the student-athlete’s employment Form C is sent by the compliance assistant to the employer to verify compliance to pertinent NCAA bylaws, specifically bylaws 12.4 and 15.2.7.
  • All forms are monitored and held in the Student-Athlete Employment file by the compliance assistant through the academic year following the completion of the student-athlete’s employment.
  • This monitoring system is to assure student-athletes are being paid for the work performed, and are paid the going rate for their experience in the job. It also ensures that no non-qualifiers are hired within the athletic department.


You may receive compensation for teaching or coaching sports skills or techniques in your sport on a fee-for-lesson basis, provided:

  1. You may not use UMass facilities (athletics or otherwise) to teach the lessons;
  2. You may not be paid for “playing lessons” (in other words, it’s not permissible to be paid for playing someone, as opposed to teaching them);
  3. You document the recipient of the lesson(s) and the fee for the lesson(s) and provide the documentation to Athletic Compliance;
  4. Your compensation is paid by the lesson recipient (or the recipient's family) and not another individual or entity;
  5. When you teach lessons for multiple individuals, your instruction to each individual is comparable to the instruction that would be provided during a private lesson; AND
  6. You do not use your name, picture or appearance to promote or advertise the availability of fee-for-lesson sessions.
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