Requesting A Rules Interpretation

Any individual may request a rule interpretation. This would include athletics department staff members, student-athletes, university employees, representatives of the University of Massachusetts' athletic interests (boosters), etc.
Interpretation requests may occur verbally or in writing, via e-mail, phone call, or in-person. Written requests are strongly recommended whenever complicated situations are involved, in order to minimize the chance for potential misunderstandings of the question or answer.
To Whom the Rules Interpretation Request should be made:
All requests for NCAA rules interpretations should be handled through the UMass Compliance Office. Primary contacts for interpretations are the Associate AD for Compliance (Kim Callicoatte) and the Assistant AD for Compliance (Carol Ford). 
If the situation requires an immediate response and none of these staff members are available on campus, please use the phone numbers provided below. Coaches are reminded that UMass Athletics Department policy does not permit coaching staff members to contact either the NCAA Office or affiliated conference offices directly to request a rules interpretation.
The UMass Compliance Office works diligently to maintain a written record of all requested interpretations. This record consists of the following:
  • Name of the person making the request.
  • Date that the request was made.
  • Summary of the nature of the request.
  • Summary of the response.
Compliance Office Emergency Contact Information
Name Office Phone E-mail Cell Phone
Kim Callicoatte, Associate A.D. for Compliance 545-1823 413-687-8475
Carol Ford, Assistant AD for Athletics Compliance 545-1950