Recruiting Logs

Policy on Telephone Logs

Logs must be kept regarding all telephone calls made to prospective student-athletes, including calls to parents/guardians or calls in which the prospect was not available must be recorded. Further, coaches must denote all recruiting calls made, including calls from any and all telephone lines, cellular lines, internet-based lines or personal phones. This includes any videoconferencing telephone calls as well. If a coach places no calls to any prospects during the month, it is still necessary to complete and submit a form indicating that no calls were made. Completed forms must be returned monthly to the Compliance Office.
Policy on Contacts and Evaluations
  • If NO recruiting activities occurred during one month, a Monthly Recruiting Telephone Log AND a Monthly Recruiting Contact and Evaluation Log still must be submitted stating No telephone calls/ contacts/ evaluations”.


  • Only logs that have been signed and dated are accepted.


  • Coaches should retain a copy of all logs for their own records.