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Hazing is illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a violation of University Policy.  You have a obligation to report any activities that you perceive as hazing to the Department of Athletics, at (413) 545-1823. Hazing is defined as “any activity expected ofsomeone joining a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses or endangers, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.” 
Those found in violation could be subject to state prosecution, University action and Athletic Department action.
Types of hazing:  Subtle hazing, harassment hazing and violent hazing

The following questions are intended to help captains of athletics teams and student leaders to think about issues of hazing when planning activities :

v Is this a team or group activity in which members are encouraged or expected to attend and in which minors are consuming alcohol?
v Will current members refuse to participate with the new members?
v Does the activity risk emotional or physical abuse?
v Is there a risk of injury or a question of safety?
v Would you have any reservations describing the activity to your parents, coach, professor or university official?
v Would you object to the activity being photographed for the school newspaper or local television news?