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Roster Changes

In order to monitor who is on the roster and participating on a team at any given time, it is imperative that all walk-ons follow the procedures listed below. This will ensure that student-athletes are added to the squad list, have completed the proper paperwork and will ensure that teams are within their roster management numbers.

Each team may have tryouts as allowed by NCAA rules. In order for an athlete to "tryout" for a

University of Massachusetts team, he/she must have Proof of Insurance, Sickle Cell Test, Tryout Waiver, Medical History Form, and Proof of Medical Clearance on file in the Sports Medicine Program office prior to any tryout session. Proof of medical clearance consists of a doctor's note or a copy of a physical that has been completed less than six months prior. Once (If) the athlete is added to the team roster, he/she will be scheduled for a physical performed by a University of Massachusetts team physician.


No student will receive a physical during regularly scheduled physicals unless they are on the current roster from the compliance office. Tryout athletes must schedule and get a physical on their own. 


The compliance policy and tryout form can be downloaded below.

For your information the forms needed are listed below. Packets are available in the Sports Medicine Office in the basement of Boyden for students to pick up or these can be e-mailed. 


Medical Review Checklist of information that must be submitted at least 3-5 days prior to being allowed to tryout:

  • Insurance Form
  • Copy of back and front of Insurance Card
  • Medical History Form
  • Sickle Cell Test
  • Physical (within the last 6 months)
  • Tryout Waiver Form
Additions to Roster

The Head or Assistant Coach should prepare a Addition to Roster form for each athlete they wish to add to their roster.  The student-athlete will hand deliver this form to the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Athletic Training.

The Assistant AD for Compliance meets with student(s) to go through rules education and NCAA paperwork.  Assistant AD for Compliance determines whether student is a freshman, continuing student or transfer and the appropriate eligibility certification procedure is followed.  Once the Assistant AD for Compliance certifies eligibility and the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine confirms that a physical has been completed, the Assistant AD for Compliance clears student-athlete for practice and competition.  Assistant AD for Compliance notifies Head or Assistant Coach and student-athlete is added to the eligibility spreadsheet.

Once all of these areas have signed off on the form, the Assistant AD for Compliance adds the student to the squad list for that sport and checks roster management numbers.  If the roster management number will be exceeded, the head coach must petition for permission to add the student-athlete. The Head Coach will meet with the Sport Administrator to discuss the importance of the addition.  The request is submitted to the Director of Athletics who has final authority on whether the roster number may be exceeded for that season.  Roster management numbers are determined two years in advance by the Director of Athletics.

Deletions to Roster

It is imperative that the coach notify the Assistant AD for Compliance as soon as they become aware that a student-athlete has quit or when they cut a member from their team.  This process is accomplished through the Deletion to Roster Form. If the student-athlete is receiving athletic aid, he or she must meet with the Associate AD for Compliance to sign the Voluntary Quit form and/or to discuss when the withdrawal of athletic aid will occur.

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