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Coaching Staff Declaration

For better control and compliance monitoring of bylaw 11.7.4, each head coach completes this form for his/her staff each academic year. For limits on the number of permissible coaches for each sport, please see this bylaw, found on page 21 of the 2013-14 manual.
In sports other than football and women's rowing, sports may use the services of one volunteer coach (per Bylaw 11.01.5). Indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, and cross country are separate sports for purposes of this provision.  Coaches must complete the volunteer coaches declaration form for all volunteers.
Sports with Directors of Operations must complete this form for all employees in this capacity.
Educational programs for new staff, coaching exams, and other pertinent official documents can be more closely monitored from the information herein.
Per Bylaw 11.2.2, all staff members are required to provide a written detailed account annually to the chancellor for all athletically-related income and benefits from sources outside the institution.  Outside income forms must be completed at the conclusion of each calendar year by all coaches and staff.
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