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Camps and Clinics


Camps and clinics owned and operated by UMass coaches are independent ventures. However, under NCAA rules, any camp or clinic that is owned or operated by an institutional staff member is, by definition, an "institution’s sports camp or instructional clinic". As such, all camps and clinics conducted by UA coaches or staff must be operated in compliance with all NCAA and affiliated conference regulations and must be well organized and well documented. In order to maintain proper institutional control over camps and clinics, the following policies and procedures must be followed:

  1. All sport camps and clinics must be registered with the athletics compliance office prior to advertisement or promotion of the camp. The steps listed below must be followed:
    1. Each sport intending to conduct a camp/clinic must designate an individual (head/assistant coach, operations director) to serve as camp director. The director is responsible for ensuring that proper policies and procedures are followed.
    2. Submit Outside Income Agreement for Athletics Department Staff Members form in January. All athletic staff members must report all outside income. (See NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2).

    3.  Submit proper documentation from to the athletic compliance office with any necessary attachments [i.e., brochures, website materials, advertisement, etc.] in advance of printing brochures or advertisements.

    4. Submit the Camp / Clinic Student-Athlete & Staff Compensation Form to the athletic compliance office to receive prior approval from the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance to employ your student-athletes and other staff prior to the start of the camp.

    5. Submit the Free or Reduced Admission Recipient / Group Memorandum to the athletic compliance office to receive prior approval from the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance for any recipients who will receive camp or clinic free or reduced admission privileges.

    6. Each camp director must complete the following forms in their entirety. The post-camp reports must be submitted to the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance within 60 days following the completion of all camp/clinic sessions. Subsequent to the camp or clinic the following forms must be submitted to the  athletics compliance office:

      1. Camp / Clinic Financial Report / Accounting Form (which combines all sessions of camp)
      2. Sports Camp / Clinic Final Registration Form (one submitted for each session of camp)
      3. Copies of completed camp/clinic applications, credit card receipts, cash receipts, money orders or checks
      4. Camp Director may submit this data in any form - it does not have to appear on specific camp and clinic form
      5. Refund List
      6. Final Camp and Clinic Student-Athlete and Staff Compensation form (one for each session of camp
  2. Regulations Governing Camp Participants & Prospect Involvement
    1. All camp participants must be listed, along with requested information, on the Camp/Clinic Final Registration List for each session of camp. The registration list must be filed with the other Post-Camp Reports within 60 days following completion of the all camp/clinic sessions.
    2. Any sports camp/clinic conducted by a coach shall be open to any and all entrants limited only by number and age of participants.
    3. In the sport of football, a "senior prospect" shall not be permitted to enroll, participate or be employed at any sports camp or clinic. A "senior prospect" is a prospect who is eligible for admission to a member institution or who has started classes for his senior year in high school. Preparatory school and two-year college students are also considered to be "senior prospects"
    4. The University of Massachusetts, UMass staff members or representatives of UMass athletics interests shall not employ (either on a salaried or volunteer basis) or give free or reduced admission privileges to a high school, preparatory school or 2-year college athletics award winner. This rule applies to any individual being recruited by UMass per, even if the individual never has lettered in high school (e.g., the individual participates on club teams). This rule does not apply to a PSA that neither is a high school athletics award winner nor has been recruited by UMass, regardless of the fact that he/she has started classes for the 9th grade.
    5. Representatives of UMass athletics interests and UMass staff members may not pay a prospect’s expenses (i.e., transportation, lodging, etc.) to attend a UMass sports camp or clinic.
    6. UMass may not permit or arrange for a prospect, at the prospect’s own expense, to operate a concession to sell items related to or associated with UMass' camp.
    7. Any men’s or women’s basketball camp or clinic must include an educational session detailing NCAA initial-eligibility standards to all camp/clinic participants.
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