Tryout Policy

University of Massachusetts Student-Athlete Try-Out Policy and Procedures

I. Philosophy and Objectives


The UMass Athletic Department welcomes any eligible student who chooses to try-out for any of the varsity athletic teams.  Because any call for try-outs for varsity athletic teams receives significant response from the student body, involves multiple sports and try-out dates, involves the safety and health of numerous participants, and must abide by NCAA guidelines, the institution has adopted the following policy and guidelines.


The policy objectives are as follows:


A.      To ensure the participation of only eligible student-athletes during any tryout for any team.

B.      To comply with the standards of the NCAA drug testing policies authorizing year-round testing in all sports.

C. Exception -- 14 Day Grace Period. An institution is not required to place a student-athlete who is "trying out" for a team on the squad list form for 14 days from the first date the student engages in countable athletically related activities or until the institution's first competition, whichever occurs earlier.

D.      To standardize the try-out process.

E.      To maintain compliance with NCAA and institutional guidelines.


II. Tryouts


A.      Coaches must notify the Office of Athletic Compliance with a projected start and end date of any tryout(s) via the Tryout Notification Form.

B.      Coaches must provide the Tryout Notification Form and all requested information to the Office of Athletic Compliance at least one working day prior to any individual or group tryouts

C.      The Office of Athletic Compliance will confirm the following eligibility requirements have been satisfied for each student.

1.      Students with at least one semester of attendance at UMass must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A.

2.      Students must be enrolled full-time at UMass. For tryouts occurring during a season that begins prior to the first class day the individual does not have to be pre-registered as a full-time student but must be fully admitted for the fall term as a regular degree seeking student.

3.      Students must have time remaining within their NCAA allotted five-year clock.

D.      Each sport may establish additional qualifications (i.e., specified years of eligibility remaining) at their discretion.

E.      Each try-out participant must complete an assumption of risk statement and the indemnification statement. These statements may be obtained from the sport’s athletic trainer.

F.      Each try-out participant must have proof of insurance and proof of medical clearance on file in the Sports Medicine Program office prior to any tryout session.

Proof of medical clearance is a doctor's note or a copy of a physical that was completed less than 6 months prior.

G.     Each try-out participant must complete a medical history form prior to engaging in any tryout activities. The medical history form must be completed, reviewed and approved by the sport athletic trainer prior to any tryout.

H.     Each try-out participant must complete a Sickle Cell Solubility Test.

I.        A complete physical exam performed by a University of Massachusetts team physician is required if the tryout session exceeds 14 days.

1.      Each football try-out participant will have a physical exam performed by a University of Massachusetts team physician before participating in team activities.

J.       Following the designated try-out period, a representative of the sport involved must:

1.      Submit a final list indicating those students who will be retained and added to the sport’s roster to the Office of Athletic Compliance.

2.      Provide each student to be retained with a late addition to roster form, which must be processed by the new student-athlete prior to any additional practice sessions.

3.      Any student-athlete who exceeds the 14 day period or if any part of the tryout occurs after the first date of competition for the academic year and prior to the conclusion of the season, must appear on the squad list.

The Office of Athletic Compliance will notify all parties listed on the Late Addition Form once the student-athlete has completed the process and is clear to resume practice sessions