S/A Employment


To ensure that all student-athlete employment earnings are allowable under NCAA employment legislation. 


NCAA Legislation

NCAA Bylaws 12.4,, 15.2.7


Primary Responsibility

Associate AD for Compliance


Backup Responsibility

Assistant AD for Compliance

Compliance Assistant







  • Any student-athlete may work on or off campus.
  • Student-athletes are educated about the NCAA and university rules regarding their potential employment and fee-for-lesson employment during the mandatory Student-Athlete Compliance meeting at the beginning of the academic year. 
  • Student-athletes must report employment to the Compliance Office immediately once they get a job, by turning in Employment Form A, which includes approval from his/her coach and academic counselor.
    • This form can be printed from the UMASS Athletics compliance website under Current Student-Athletes; Employment.
    • A copy is also distributed to all student-athletes at the compliance meetings at the beginning and end of each academic year.
    • Additionally, at the end of each academic year, the Assistant AD for Compliance distributes a Continuing Eligibility Form that each student-athlete must complete that asks if he/she plans on working over the summer.
      • The Compliance Assistant reviews these forms and ensures all student-athletes that plan on being employed over the summer have completed Employment Form A.
  • Once the compliance office receives Employment Form A, the compliance assistant sends Employment Form B, an Employer Agreement, to the employer which outlines the NCAA rules regarding student-athlete employment and confirms the student-athletes employment.
  • At the completion of the student-athlete’s employment Form C is sent by the compliance assistant to the employer to verify compliance to pertinent NCAA bylaws, specifically bylaws 12.4 and 15.2.7.
  • Any student-athletes that offer fee-for-lesson services are required to complete the Student Athlete Fee-For-Lesson Form for each lesson provided, which can also be found on the UMass Athletics compliance website.
    • This document must be immediately submitted to the Compliance Office, where the Compliance Assistant verifies compliance to NCAA bylaw and keeps it on file for the duration of that year.
  • All forms are monitored and held in the Student-Athlete Employment file by the compliance assistant through the academic year following the completion of the student-athlete’s employment.
  • This monitoring system is to assure student-athletes are being paid for the work performed, and are paid the going rate for their experience in the job.
    • It also ensures that no non-qualifiers are hired within the athletic department.


Applicable forms

Employment Form A: Student-Athlete Employment Approval

Employment Form B: Employer Agreement

Employment Form C: Employment Verification

Student-Athlete Fee-for-Lesson Form

Continuing Eligibility Form