Reporting Outside Scholarships

Outside Income / Awards


To determine any financial aid from outside sources of all student-athletes and confirm it is acceptable per NCAA rules and regulations. In addition, to verify that the appropriate certification forms are on file, as per NCAA regulations.


NCAA Legislation

NCAA Bylaws 15.01.3,, 15.1, 15.2.5,, 15.5


Primary Responsibility

Compliance Assistant

Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid Office


Backup Responsibility

Associate Athletics Director for Compliance

Director of Financial Aid Office



Coaching Staff




  • At the beginning of each academic year, student-athletes are distributed an outside income/award form to complete
    • The form documents any financial assistance the student-athletes are receiving from outside sources including their parents/legal guardians
    • It also specifies that they are required to document all outside sources of income and report them to the compliance office before they can receive such awards
  • The Compliance Assistant reviews each form and any sources of income are brought to the Associate AD for Compliance for review and verification of compliant means.
    • Any activity regarding the eligibility of outside awards is documented and kept on file by the Compliance Assistant
  • Once the award is verified, the Compliance Assistant notifies the Financial Aid office and the award is coded appropriately to the student-athletes’ financial aid.
  • All outside awards are continually monitored by Compliance Assistant.
  • The Compliance Assistant works with the Financial Aid Office to be sure each student-athlete is only receiving outside aid that has been approved by the Compliance Office.


Applicable Forms

Student Athlete Outside Income/Award Form