Promotional Activities


Promotional efforts may vary from year-to-year.  However, the UMass Marketing and Promotions Office usually hosts special activities, in addition to promoting and marketing items sold to its membership.  The quality and design of all promotional programs and products is under the control of the Athletic Director who acts in consultation with departmental administrators.

Student-Athlete Promotions

The purpose of Student-athlete promotions is to involve student-athletes in community outreach and promotional activities.

All requests for student-athlete community outreach events are directed to the Associate AD for Compliance.  She is responsible for approving all requests for community outreach or promotional appearances involving student-athletes.

  • Requests are reviewed and approved by Compliance in accordance with applicable institutional, conference and NCAA rules.
  • Outreach requests in most cases are within a 30-mile radius of the UMASS campus. Requests beyond a 30-mile radius are approved by the Compliance Office based on the time constraints of the student-athlete’s schedule.
  • Requests should be submitted in writing by completing the Donation of Items and Promotional Activities Form, found on the compliance website, at at least two weeks prior to the event, along with a list of all student-athletes involved.
  • The Compliance Office will review the application of 12.5.1 to determine if the appearance is permissible. If so, he/she will sign the form as the Director of Athletics Designee.
  • If the event is not permissible, the Associate AD for Compliance will contact the organization or coach and return the request with denied indicated, along with his/her initials and the date.
  • Permissible activities signed form will be faxed to the organization for signature of the Authorized Representative.
  • The form (now signed by the Associate AD for Compliance and the Authorized Representative of the organization) is returned to the Compliance Office for the signatures of the student-athletes involved.
  • All requests will be kept on file in the office of Compliance. Additionally, as a master list of completed promotional activities and the number of student-athletes and number of outreach participants will be kept (usually by Academic Services for CHAMPS purposes).