Processing Financial Aid

Athletics financial aid will be entered onto a student-athlete's account for the next academic year only after he/she has returned the signed athletics award letter, indicating that the award has been accepted. The approved NLI / Scholarship Request Form  will be used to enter the athletics aid onto the student-athlete's financial records, including any necessary adjustments for books, tuition and/or fees, and for room and board, based upon University decisions.
If changes are made to the amount of athletics aid a student is to receive, the Department of Athletics will notify the Office of University Financial Aid Services in writing, detailing reasons for the change (e.g., on-campus student receives permission to move off-campus). The amount of athletics aid for a student-athlete can be increased during the period of the award for any reason at any time. (effective 8/1/12)
Initial Award
In preparation for sending a National Letter of Intent (NLI) to a prospective student-athlete, a NLI/Scholarship Request Form is submitted to the office of the Director of Compliance/GA based on information submitted by the respective Head Coach. This form is then forwarded to the Associate AD for Compliance for confirmation of fund availability. Once initialed there, the forms are reviewed and initialed by the sport's supervising Associate AD and forwarded to the Director of Athletics (or designee) for final approval and preparation of the Athletic Scholarship . The approved Athletics Financial Aid Recommendation documentation is then taken by the Director of Compliance/GA to the Office of Financial Aid Services where it is signed by the Athletic Financial Aid Counselor. At this point, the Director of Compliance/GA returns the form to the respective Head Coach, who is then responsible for seeing that it is mailed out to the prospect, accompanying the authorized NLI.
The Compliance Office maintains a master list of all letters sent out, when each letter was sent to the student, when each signed letter was returned by the student, etc. The master list will be checked on a weekly basis for students who have not returned the Acceptance Letter. The Associate AD for Compliance will be responsible for contacting the Head Coaches to notify the students on the list to ask that they complete the necessary paperwork. If the student-athlete has taken no action at the end of four weeks from the date of the issuance of the Acceptance Letter, the ASA (and thus the grant-in-aid itself) will be cancelled.