Outside Income and Benefits Policy

University policy requires that any employee engaging in outside employment activities must have those activities approved by their department head. NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2 requires that all full- or part-time UMass Athletics Department staff members (excluding secretarial or clerical) must provide an annual detailed accounting to the chief executive officer of all athletically-related income and benefits received from sources OUTSIDE UMass. These types of income and benefits include:
  • Sports camps
  • Television and radio programs
  • Commercial endorsements
  • Book contracts
  • Endorsement or consultation contracts with athletic shoe, apparel, or equipment manufacturers
  • Income from annuities (provided by entities outside the university)
Using the UMass Athletics Athletically Related Income/Benefits Form , the employee submits to the Athletic Director  a summary of any outside income/benefits. This form must be approved by the Athletics Director prior to February 1 of every year per university policy. This form is then kept on file in the Compliance Office.