National Letter of Intent Procedures

Signing Periods as Noted on the NLI website:    

Ø  At least one week prior to each National Letter of Intent signing period, the Graduate Assistant for Compliance will update each head with their current scholarship status. This will give the head coach a current scholarship number available for the NLI signing period.

Ø  At least one week prior to issue, a completed National Letter of Intent (NLI)/ Scholarship Request Form for each prospective student-athlete to be tendered should be submitted to the Graduate Assistant for Compliance.  He/she will verify that the percentage to be tendered is within NCAA team limits. After verifying the percentage, he/she will enter the appropriate signing period and signing date into the prospect database.

Ø  After receiving the NLI/Scholarship Request Form, the Graduate Assistant for Compliance will verify that the prospect’s transcript has been evaluated for NCAA Clearinghouse and UMass Admissions purposes.  If a transcript has not yet been evaluated, the Graduate Assistant for Compliance will request the most recent transcript for evaluation from the head coach.  The Graduate Assistant for Compliance will not issue an NLI until a transcript has been evaluated.

Ø  The Graduate Assistant for Compliance then verifies name, address, telephone number, and scholarship percentage information and makes changes as needed in the prospect database.  He/she then prints two copies of the NLI, and two copies of the Scholarship Recommendation.

Ø  Two copies of MACLIs will be generated for all Football PSAs

Ø  The Associate AD for Compliance signs each copy of the NLI (and MACLI when applicable)

Ø  The Compliance GA then brings the documentation to the Director of Financial Aid who creates an Award Recommendation Cover Letter and approves the award with a signature on each AFA

Ø  The final package of one cover letter, two NLIs, (2 MACLIs when applicable), and two AFAs is scanned into the compliance common drive by the Compliance GA for record

Ø  The Graduate Assistant for Compliance then hands over all materials to the appropriate head coach along with scholarship instructions to verify accuracy of PSA information and award amount, sign each AFA and send to each PSA.

Ø  After a National Letter of Intent is returned by fax or mail, the Graduate Assistant for Compliance will verify that it has been signed correctly and is valid.  He/she then indicates in the prospect database that the NLI has been signed and enters the date of signing. 

Ø  He/she then notifies the head coach and media relations of receipt and validation of award, scans a copy of signed NLIs, AFAs, and MACLIs where applicable and saves it in the Compliance Common Drive for record. The original documentation is saved on file and the head coach may have a copy per request.

Ø  The scanned copy of the NLI, AFA and MACLI when applicable is sent as soon as possible the appropriate conference office for validation.

Ø  A student-athlete file is created for each signee. 

Ø  The Admissions Office is given lists and updates of NLI Signees, and full scholarship athletes are noted.


Applicable forms

National Letter of Intent


Athletics Financial Aid Recommendation (AFA)

NLI/Scholarship Request Form

Scholarship Budget Worksheet