This manual is intended as a supplement to the NCAA manual and other official NCAA rules and regulations. All areas are not covered herein, but an effort has been made to touch on critical matters of compliance. This manual is meant to serve as a guide for coaches and staff.

This manual is designed to:

1.      Assist athletics personnel in understanding and applying compliance policies and procedures required by UMass, the A10 and Colonial Athletic Association Conferences, and the NCAA.

2.      Facilitate and help ensure compliance standards within the athletics department.

3.      Provide staff members with samples of materials required for their use by the institution, the A10 and CAA conferences, and the NCAA.

4.      Assist with the institution's responsibility of monitoring the compliance standards within the athletics department.

Any questions regarding NCAA regulations or information related to this manual should be directed to the UMass Department of Athletics office or to the compliance office.

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