Intercollegiate Athletics Compliance Committee

The purpose of the Intercollegiate Athletics Compliance Committee is to help the University develop and maintain a quality intercollegiate athletics program consistent with the mission of the department of athletics as well as that of the university. It also serves to fulfill the shared compliance responsibilities mandated by the NCAA. In this capacity, the IACC assures that all efforts are made to provide maximum opportunity and assistance for each student-athlete to obtain a quality education and receive a degree; reviews and recommends policies relating to admission, retention, and academic progress of student-athletes; assists in the integration of intercollegiate athletics with other programs; and, in general, in consultation with the Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance, reviews and recommends policies relating to the operation of the intercollegiate athletics compliance program.

Specific functions of the IACC include:

Promote an understanding of NCAA rules and regulations governing the intercollegiate athletics program among faculty, administration, staff, alumni, and other members of the UMass community.


Ensure that there is regular and appropriate communication with the UMass faculty, administration, alumni, staff, and students about the intercollegiate athletic program, specifically in the area of NCAA rules and regulations.


Monitor, but not administer, the area of academic services, APR, and graduation rates of student-athletes.


Monitor, but not administer, scholarship, athletic, admissions, and grant-in-aid requirements of the University for participation in intercollegiate sports as established by the President and Director of Athletics, providing that no rule be less stringent than the eligibility rules of the NCAA.


Annually review the Athletics Department Policies and Procedures Manual for conformity with NCAA rules and regulations. Review any annual audit reports.


Monitor annually efforts by the Athletics Department to ensure representation of women and minorities as student-athletes, coaches, and staff in the Athletics Department.


Receive and review from the Associate Athletic Director prompt reports on any alleged rules violations, investigations, or annual audits being carried on by the Athletics Department, member and affiliate conferences, NCAA, or other external agency.


Review procedures for providing student-release-hearing opportunities.



Chair:  UMass Faculty Athletic Representative

Financial Assistance liaison

Admissions liaison

Office of the Registrar liaison

Executive Associate AD for Business

Associate AD for Compliance

Associate AD Academic Support Services

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Sep 28, 2012, 12:22 PM